Keep calm and eat Christmas panettone

Keep calm and eat Christmas panettone

With less than a week to go before Christmas, you might imagine the confectionery industry would begin to wind down as we move towards a well-earned festive break.

Well, it’s turning out to be anything but the case, as beyond the obvious hype surrounding the marketing of major festive product ranges, the clouds of Brexit are continuing to cast a long shadow over the food and drink market.

Worryingly, it seems the UK’s future trading relationships with the EU remains decidedly uncertain as the government’s draft agreement with Brussels fails to gain backing within parliament.

Consequently, many economic observers have noted that any outcome may be possible –  from lurching ahead without a fully negotiated deal, through to the once remote prospect of a further public vote on all potential decisions. These are no doubt extraordinary times we are living through, that have clearly caused great bemusement and alarm across Europe and further afield.

For many, the chance to take a break from perhaps the most divisive issue of our times with some time away with family round the Christmas tree will be a welcome distraction.

As one particularly catchy promotional slogan out there adorning t-shits and mugs puts it, I think it’s time we all ‘keep calm and eat cake.’ Perhaps if there’s any left, a slice of the world’s largest panettone that’s just been unveiled in Milan, which deservedly made the Guinness world records. Here’s wishing you all a fine festive season ahead.

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