Kosher gifts from Hay Hampers

Kosher gifts from Hay Hampers

Hay Hampers is launching a new range of kosher hampers for this coming Hanukkah to meet the increasing demand of kosher food in the market.

Created for Jewish celebrations which involve feasts and gift giving, these hampers contain exclusively kosher products, making them suitable gifts for those who follow kosher guidelines.

Kosher certified chocolates, salmon, biscuits, wine and snacks have been combined together in a variety of differently sized and priced hampers to become gift ideas for Hanukkah but also Rosh Hashanah, Purim and Shavuot.

Gabriele Da Re, managing director at Hay Hampers said: “We have sourced fine kosher delicacies from Europe as well as here in the UK to offer a selection of traditional food and wine for any Jewish celebration.”

Innova Market Insights reports 18% average annual growth in kosher claims in new food and beverage launches globally between 2013 and 2017.

Elisabeth Och, marketing director at Hay Hampers said: “Internet searches for Jewish food recipes are up by 45%. It is a fact that Jewish food is trending and it is particularly true at Hanukkah, when traditions centre round food and family in eight nights of celebration.”

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