Love Collection from Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates

Love Collection from Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates

Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates has released its Love Collection, a set of four expertly crafted, heart-shaped chocolates ready for Valentines Day.

Available now, Love Collection expands on the Original Dark Chocolate Heart variety with three new wine-inspired flavours: Pinot Noir, Rosé and Champagne. The hard shell of Kohler’s smooth 61% dark chocolate is airbrushed in soft hues of burgundy, dusty pink and gold, and filled with a creamy ganache and paté de fruit.

“Gifting and sharing love are synonymous with Valentine’s Day and we’re thrilled to introduce three romantically shaped chocolate hearts called the Love Collection variety this season,” said Gerald Allison, business manager of Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates. “The collection adds a twist to the classic, rich chocolate notes found in our signature Original Dark Chocolate Heart all while making for the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday.”

The chocolate brand has also expanded its Chocolate Bar line with two new flavours: Dark Chocolate Almond Mocha and Dark Chocolate Raspberry, which join the Milk, Dark and Peanut Butter chocolate bars. Both varieties are encased in a 61% dark chocolate shell and filled with a velvety ganache.

The Dark Chocolate Almond Mocha bar combines espresso-flavored balsamic vinegar ganache with notes of dark Sumatra coffee and salted almonds, while the Dark Chocolate Raspberry bar is filled with a non-cream, 100% raspberry puree ganache.

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