Paul A Young’s Monet inspired Easter collection

Paul A Young's Monet inspired Easter collection

Paul a young

Blurring the lines between art and chocolate, UK chocolatier Paul A Young has designed an Easter collection that reflects the Spring season. Inspired by the impressionist artist Monet, Paul has created a collection with a decorative palette of layered spring colours and shimmers.

Limited Edition Easter Egg made from Guittard Chocolate’s 65% Single Origin Peruvian couverture. Hand-decorated by Paul himself with luxurious gold, silver and bronze, accompanied by a bespoke nine piece box of limited edition 65% Peruvian caramel truffles. 20 of these eggs will be available via each of Paul’s three chocolateries (£75).

Guittard Chocolate 72% Dark, 38% Milk & White Chocolate Easter Eggs handpainted with green, pink and blue edible metallic decoration, each with a clutch of dark, milk or white chocolate chicks covered in sprinkles inside. Available in Small, Medium and Large (£14.50, £24.95, £39.50), with Extra Large eggs available on request.

Salted Caramel Hen’s Egg with a yolk of Paul’s multi award winning Sea Salted Caramel

The Half Egg uses Guittard 72% chocolate and is filled with 6 of Paul’s famous Salted Caramels and adorned with bright hundreds and thousands (£25.00).

The sprinkle topped Small Half Egg with two chocolate chicks (£7.00).

Milk and Dark Chocolate Bunnies are made from Guittard 38% milk chocolate or Guittard 72% Onyx dark chocolate (£14.95).

Billi Bunny, filled with a vanilla caramel (£13.00).

Caramelised solid Chocolate Chicks (6 for £12.95) or the Gulls’ & Quails’ Eggs box – Sea Salted Caramel and Praline crunchy coated speckled eggs (£13.95).

Paul has also created an Easter Egg Hunt Kit for all the family to enjoy. This contains a hollow chocolate Billi Bunny, 1 Small Easter Egg, 1 Hen’s Egg, 3 Caramelised Chocolate Chicks, 2 of each Gulls’ and Quails’ eggs. (£35.00).

The 2019 Easter Collection is available to buy from Paul’s three London chocolateries as well as by post, telephone order, with a limited selection available online.

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