Stuffed Puffs reinvents its Classic Milk Chocolate Marshmallow

In 2019 Stuffed Puffs emerged as an innovative brand launching a marshmallow filled with real milk chocolate. Building on its success, Stuffed Puffs is unveiling its latest innovation, a reinvention of their best-selling Classic Milk Chocolate Stuffed Puffs. Now with an indulgent ganache style milk chocolate-based centre, the soft creamy centre sets a new standard in making s’mores. Additionally, the company has extended this new technology to its Salted Caramel Stuffed Puffs, which are now bursting with ooey-gooey caramel in every bite.

Michael Tierney, founder of Stuffed Puffs, commented on the company’s newest innovation “We started with a vision that challenged the confectionary industry, turning what was said to be impossible into an indulgent and delicious reality. We are innovators at our core, always pushing the technology we have created to new heights. That constant drive has allowed us to deliver this delicious, creamy, soft chocolate core in our iconic Classic Milk Chocolate marshmallows. We will be extending this technology across our entire portfolio of products.”

This evolution is the result of continuous research, development, and steadfast commitment to innovation, illustrating Stuffed Puffs’ unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the indulgent candy and marshmallow categories. Soft centre Stuffed Puffs not only ensures the perfect s’more, but also makes for a delicious, indulgent snack.

Tierney emphasizes, “Our new soft-center Classic Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel marshmallows are so irresistibly delicious straight from the bag that you may never make it to the campfire.”

As Stuffed Puffs continues to expand its presence in the confectionery industry, the brand remains dedicated to revolutionizing what it means to be a marshmallow. A subcategory that was reduced to a commodity has been reinvigorated with the advent of Stuffed Puffs and its diverse product offerings. Stuffed Puffs is now the second largest brand in the category (US). Discover the new and improved Stuffed Puffs and their full range of innovative products now available at Walmart and other retailers nationwide.

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