Noisy Snacks launches new nuts and chickpea snack pouches

Noisy Snacks launches new nuts and chickpea snack pouches

Noisy Snacks is adding new healthy flavours of nuts and chickpea snacks to its range. Available in recyclable 45g pouches, Noisy Chickpeas and Noisy Nuts are pre-mixed with extra flavouring and available in a variety of bold flavours.

Noel Allen, founder of Noisy Snacks, said; “We wanted to exceed customer expectation on taste blowing people’s minds with the level of flavour, and emphasising the character notes of those flavours. Where there is heat and spice we want it to be knock-out; we don’t pull our punches. I’ve been told that the Chickpeas explode with flavour in your mouth and leave long-lingering heat. I am so proud of the taste of the beans which really are stand-out in the market. They have excellent health credentials and taste delicious.”

Noisy Snacks’ 45g range is flexitarian, vegan, gluten free, high in fibre and protein. The range now includes:

  • Noisy Chick Peas Black Pepper and Berry Pouch, RRP £1.00 – £1.29
  • Noisy Chick Peas Piri Piri Mango Pouch, RRP £1.00 – £1.29
  • Noisy Chick Peas Avocado and Lime Pouch, RRP £1.00 – £1.29
  • Noisy Nuts Pickled Onion pouch, RRP £1.00 – £1.29
  • Noisy Nuts Smoky Bacon Jalapeno pouch, RRP £1.00 – £1.29
  • Noisy Nuts Sweet Thai, RRP £1.00 – £1.29

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