Seed Snacks arrive in Sainsbury’s stores

Seed Snacks arrive in Sainsbury's stores

Sainsbury’s is trialling two of Pep & Lekker’s award-winning Seed Snack flavours in 70 stores from 9 June 2020.

Seed Snacks’ Fennell & Chia and Rosemary & Hemp flavours will be trialled as part of Sainsbury’s Future Brands agenda, which actively champions pioneering brands of tomorrow.

Pep & Lekker founders Susan and Juliette Gafsen believed that they were onto something special by creating a tasty, healthier living, vegan friendly snack with a low carb footprint and a satisfying crunch. Now, after countless small batch kitchen bakes and recipe iterations, the Seed Snacks founders can say that the brand stands tall as a high fibre alternative to well-intentioned but nutritionally vacant crisps; a range that can compete on both sides of the sweet/savoury divide, with its clean-deck/high protein/good gut health make-up and refusal to resort to ‘added sugar’ of any kind.

Sainsbury’s were reportedly intrigued but wanted Seed Snacks to go yet further. This resulted in two further breakthroughs in early 2020; namely the removal of sesame seeds to create a better-for-you nibble made with 14 all-natural ingredients, and colourful, compostable packaging.

According to Pep & Lekker co-founder, Susan Gafsen, “The life of a fledgling food supporting the war on obesity is certainly full of ups and downs, however the willingness of the fantastic Future Brands team to give Seed Snacks a break as part of their promotion of healthy eating is beyond even our wildest dreams.”

Each 30g Seed Snack pack has a £2 RSP.

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