Soreen releases new Loaf Bar Multipacks

Soreen releases new Loaf Bar Multipacks

UK malt loaf brand, Soreen, has announced the launch of its new plant-based Loaf Bar Multipacks, which include three flavours: Chocolate, Banana and Malt.

Soreen states that the individually wrapped Loaf Bars make for a convenient tasty energy snack, perfect for on-the-go and a heathier alternative to the average snack bar. Now available in Multipacks of four, consumers can easily plan and purchase healthy Soreen snacks for the week.

All three Loaf Bar variants reportedly contain over 30% less sugar and 70% less fat than the average cereal bar, plus with a sharp rise in lunchbox occasions, these make for a popular, healthy and convenient snack.

Mark Simester, managing director at Soreen, said: “For the past six months, the majority of consumers have been spending more time at home than ever before, with many looking to cut calories and boost their general health and wellbeing, and as such healthy snacking choices are in demand.

“Our Loaf Bar Multipacks will therefore enable shoppers to grab a healthy choice fast – whether they’re still at home, returning to the office or in need of an energy boost for pre, during or post exercise – this is an ideal, tasty and affordable snack.”

Within the Multipack range is a brand new vegan chocolate flavour, which is set to be highly popular amongst consumers.

Bethan Brown, Soreen marketing director, commented: “Given the rising popularity of Soreen Loaf Bars, fuelling active lifestyles, we took the decision to add a new flavour that would appeal to a different palate.

“Veganism has been a key trend within the food industry for the last few years now, so we’re immensely proud to bring a vegan, plant-based chocolate product to market that retains that flavoursome, treat like taste without being high in sugar or fat – important for a healthy and nutritious diet.

“The launch of our new Multipacks follows the success in sales and consumer demand for our Loaf Bars, a healthy snack and source of energy that are widely available in meal deals, so are particularly favoured as a tasty lunchtime treat.”

Soreen Loaf Bar Multipacks are now available from Ocado.

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