Plamil So Free becomes first British chocolate brand to launch in entirely recyclable sharing format

Plamil So Free becomes first British chocolate brand to launch in entirely recyclable sharing format

Plamil So Free has become the first UK chocolate brand to launch entirely recyclable sharing formats. Launching four new Cocoa Bites pouches in 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable paper-based packaging, the move is in line with the brand’s long-standing ethics but also seismic shifts in consumer demand for eco-conscious products and packaging. The new launch will see its much-loved Vegan White Cocoa Bites move into this paper pouch format alongside three on-trend new vegan varieties: Smooth Salted Caramel, Smooth Orange and Strawberry. 

The innovative and award-winning Earthpouch packaging the brand is using, is 100% plastic free (certified by A Plastic Planet), made from a renewable material source, endorsed by the UK Recycling Association and can be recycled as part of paper stream, while still being grease and water resistant. Its introduction is part of Plamil’s ongoing commitment to using 100% renewable energy to manufacture all of its chocolate. And with eight in 10 consumers looking to reduce their plastic waste, it provides an easy switch for eco-conscious shoppers. 

Made in the brand’s bespoke vegan factory in Kent, using certified cocoa, the four new flavours are designed to entice shoppers who are looking for more from free-from alternatives. Drawing inspiration from on-trend flavours, the new launch provides retailers with a way to cater to the millions of consumers who are cutting down on dairy or turning to increasingly flexitarian diets but still want to enjoy these favourite flavours. 

Plamil’s managing director, Adrian Ling, commented: “We’re delighted to be introducing new Cocoa Bites flavours, even more so because our new plastic-free packaging mean consumers can take advantage of this convenient format with all the environmental benefits of paper pouches. We’re passionate about driving innovation in vegan confectionery to ensure shoppers have genuine options. We think the marriage of seriously delicious vegan chocolates on the inside and plastic-free packaging on the outside could be a dynamite combination, when it comes to what consumers are really looking for in a sweet treat these days!”

The Plamil story is one of rich heritage dating back to 1954: the brand was ahead of its time in 1970, selling vegan chocolate in a decade when veganism was still incredibly niche. Today, Plamil remains dedicated to maintaining its position at the forefront of the vegan market with truly vegan and ethical chocolate. 

The new Cocoa Bites are currently stocked on the Plamil website, available in 108g pouches (RRP: £2.95) and cases of seven-packs (RRP: £18.59).

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