Birds Bakery offering spring time treats

Birds Bakery offering spring time treats

With flowers starting to bloom and the days getting longer and brighter in the UK, it can only mean that springtime is here, along with Birds Bakery’s selection of spring and Easter treats.

Whether it’s an Easter Sunday buffet, or a garden picnic, Birds Bakery has a variety of treats to suit all tastebuds – from hot cross buns to custard tarts, chocolate biscuits and cupcakes. Easter gifts can be purchased through the bakery’s home delivery service, or customers who live locally can ring and reserve.

Birds Bakery Easter offerings are:

  • Delicious Fruity Hot Cross Buns – £1.75 for four
  • Hot Cross Bun Loaf – £2.05 each
  • Afternoon Cream Tea Packs – £8 for a single pack and £15 for a double
  • Easter Cupcakes – £1.55 each
  • Easter Tart – 65p each
  • Gingerbread Rabbits – £1.60 each
  • Chocolate-coated Gingerbread Rabbits – £2.90 each
  • Easter Chocolate Bunnies – £2.95 each
  • Mini Chocolate Rabbit – £90p each
  • Shortbread Rabbits – £1.45 for two
  • Orange Chocolate Carrot – £2.25 each
  • Chunky Easter Lollies – £1.30 each
  • Chocolate Easter Bunnies – £1.30 for two small or £2.30 for one larger and one small.

Further details about all the products can be found on the Birds Bakery website.

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