Popcorn Kitchen releases new range of indulgent flavours

This month, UK, Surrey-based Popcorn Kitchen will be unveiling the latest chapter in its fine snacking journey, an indulgent treat adventure which began back in 2012 with a commitment to unfussy, unadulterated ‘pure popcorn happiness.’

The success of the business’s gifting arm convinced ambitious co-owners Louise Webb and Andy Valentine that their core bagged range needed a new indulgent twist, trumpeting the arrival of more involving flavour chapter with enticing new flavours that included Lemon Drizzle (inspired by cake appreciation) Choc Orange & Choc Mint (2 x timeless choc classic) and Raspberry White Choc (a marriage of tart meets sweet).

Additionally, for any savoury lovers there’s also a Cheddar Cheese flavour made with 30% cheese powder.

According to co-owner, Louise Webb: “We have been wanting to extend our reach into bold vs overtly finicky flavours which exude British provenance for some while, on the non-negotiable proviso that our new, head-turning flavours meant no relaxing of first principles; namely no synthetic shortcuts, a truly satisfying crunch and all-engulfing flavours. Fortunately, our unflinching commitment to superior, full-bodied mushroom popcorn (Vs fragile butterfly corn) ensures the perfect flavour rendering surface, less bottom-of-the-bag popcorn shrapnel and a truly crunchy (never soft & soggy) texture.”

Andy Valentine concludes by pointing out that “Popcorn Kitchen’s unrivalled blend of artisanal popcorn snacks, gift packs and treat portfolio means Popcorn Kitchen is ideally suited to online, discerning hamper operations, Leisure, Garden Centres, Corporate Gifting and Speciality Retail, Grocery and thoughtful export opportunities (e.g. Bookshops in Estonia)! Mainstream retailers are simply not Popcorn Kitchen’s bag because our agile mindset and high-speed response turnarounds means we’ve always been more about products with an authentic point-of-difference, wow factor and seasonal specials.”

For more information about the brand, visit: popcornkitchen.co.uk.

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