The Pished Fish reveals Christmas Selection Box

The Pished Fish reveals Christmas Selection Box

The Pished Fish has launched a ‘three hero’ Christmas Collection box, jam-packed with booze-infused ‘salmony’ joy.

Each meticulously packaged Christmas Collection box contains 1 x 200g festive favourite The Sozzled Santa (brandy, clementine zest, demerara sugar, salt, nutmeg & oak smoke), 1 x 200g of Erik The Red (Aquavit, beetroot, star anise, juniper & apple & alder smoke) and 1 x 200g Classic (whisky, maple syrup & oak smoke).

The Pished Fish only uses sushi-grade, Scottish-farmed salmon that is filleted and slow-cured with its own unique blend of Dead Sea salt and demerara sugar, before being sliced sashimi-style to maximize flavour and aroma retention.

According to The Pished Fish founder, James Eagle, “Whilst many applaud my team for their unrivalled ability to pair the noble salmon with an array of meticulously matched spirits and botanicals, it’s our purpose-built/rural-based smokehouse and an unflinching commitment to slow-curing (ensures a meatier texture) and gentle smoking (ensures we don’t overpower the fish) which enables us to avoid all the slimy/greasy textured salmon pitfalls that affects so many others.”

The Pished Fish notes that its stylishly under-stated yet generously-proportioned giftbox (made from recycled cardboard) comes in at about 56cm x 19cm, roughly the same size as a side of salmon, which means it can’t easily be tucked away at the back of the chiller, although it can fit rather snugly within the bottle section of most family-sized fridges.

The Christmas Collection retails at £44.99.

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