My/Mochi announces return of seasonal autumn flavour

Modern frozen snack company, My/Mochi, has announced the return of its seasonal autumn flavour with the annual release and store drop of one of their most popular and limited-edition ice-cream favourite flavours of autumn -Pumpkin Spice.

Along with Pumpkin Spice, My/Mochi also announces the limited release of their Apple Pie à la Mode. Inspired by the festive flavours of the season, these two favourites combine ice cream and sweet rice mochi dough.

“We are all one step closer to the holidays,” said Russell Barnett, managing director and CMO of My/Mochi Ice Cream. “Each year we bring back the feel-goodie comfort of Fall pumpkin patches and apple orchards right to the freezer this fall season, with some seriously snack worthy selections, Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie à la Mode. As we like to say this time every year – ‘Go ahead…Channel the flannel, break out the sweater, jump in the leaves and just fall into fall with a mouthful of our mochi ice cream goodies!'”

My/Mochi Ice Cream is made with a scoop of premium ice cream and wrapped in delectably, sweet rice mochi dough, creating a fun, portable, hand-held snacking experience. Each bite-sized snack contains about 100 calories, gluten-free and available in a variety of flavour and textural sensations, including vegan-friendly options.

My/Mochi Ice Cream Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie à la Mode will be available this September nationwide. Visit to find My/Mochi at a store near you.


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