Maison Pierre Marcolini offers luxury stocking fillers inspired by the enchanted forest

Magical and enchanting, the forest inspires wonderment and tenderness. In preparation for this coming Christmas holiday season, Maison Pierre Marcolini has drawn inspiration from the scents, various flavours, beauty, and auditory landscape of the enchanting forest. The Master Chocolatier invites us to come together, amongst our loved ones, as he brings together talented artisans in his Atelier, whilst imagining a spontaneous evening in a clearing in the middle of the woods. To share all the best he has to offer for the festive season.

Recipes focused on berries and flavours of the forest

The creations imagined for the next holiday season are centred around a desire for generosity. “I was moved by the incredible abundance of the forest. Pondering on its generosity; its trees – mistletoe, holly, fir – its fruits and berries – chestnut, cranberry, blackcurrant, acacia, pomegranate or even juniper – and how all that is offered, brings us closer to nature.”

Pierre Marcolini shares with us the desire that inspired both him and his team to make this coming holiday season, now more than ever, a moment that transcends and connects generations.

A magical collection

The Advent Calendar – £54.00

The Holly chocolate bites – small box £12.00/big box £35.00

The chocolate stars – small box £23.00/big box £39.00

The Christmas Tree box – £14.90

Showstoppers/Table centre pieces

The Fir Tree (and two drawers of 24 starred gianduja and 36 delicious truffles) – £149.00

The Holly Wreath – £80.00

The Yule Log (Grand Cru Chocolate, Chestnut, Coffee, Pineapple-Coconut) – £49.00

Special ‘Four Handed’ Panettone – £29.00

Party essentials 

Christmas hat box – £132

‘Under the Tree’ gift box – £80.00

Champagne Macaron/Chestnut Macaron – £2.30 each

Christmas Speculoos – £9.90

XL Christmas Plumier – £67.00

The ‘Enchanted Forest’ Christmas collection is available from the Marylebone Boutique and counters in Harrods, Selfridges, and the from 4 November 2022.

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