Fruittella enters jelly market with Curiosities

Candy brand Fruittella is expanding into the jellies market with an innovative and interactive NPD: Fruittella Curiosities. The themed packs allow shoppers to explore one of two far-flung and fantastic worlds. In ‘By the Sea’ the marine life is totally tropical, and the Antarctic creatures of ‘In the Snow’ are berry delicious!

Now available to buy in store for £1.50 per pack, the HFSS-compliant jellies are made with 30% reduced sugar, real fruit juice, and natural colourings and flavours – all the attributes that make the core Fruittella range a family favourite. ‘By the Sea’ features soft fish, starfish and crab shapes in perennially popular flavours lemon, orange, and strawberry. ‘In the Snow’ contains a mixture of penguins, polar bears and walruses that taste of blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry.

Fruittella Curiosities’ cast of characters are not only charming, but educational too. The back of the pack boasts a host of fun animal facts, along with a scannable QR code taking the user through to a microsite where they can learn more about the theme – and even create their own AR creature. The launch will be supported by BAU social, influencer campaigns and sampling.

Lauren Potter, senior brand manager at Fruittella, said: “This expansion of the beloved Fruittella portfolio caters to parents with 4-12 year olds who are searching for an all-natural treat for the family with an added interactive twist – with the quality assurance that comes from a trustworthy household name.

“’By The Sea’ and ‘In the Snow’ are only the beginning of a multiverse of fun from Fruittella Curiosities, so watch this space for more wild and wonderful flights of delicious fancy launching soon!”

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