Henrietta Said makes its debut

Truly Good Foods is introducing the world to the bold and spicy new brand of craveable jumbo peanuts: Henrietta Said. The women-owned and unapologetically Southern operation is on a mission to spice up snack time and stir up gossip. Henrietta Said’s flavoured peanuts are vegan and keto-friendly, contain no artificial ingredients, and come in four sensational flavours: Nashville Hot Chicken with Pickle, Ancho Kimchi, Lemon Pepper and Original Buffalo. Henrietta Said flavours are available at all The Fresh Market locations and online at henriettasaid.com.

Just one serving of these Super XL Virginia variety peanuts packs 7 grammes of protein, 2 grammes of fibre and zero grammes of sugar. On top of the health benefits, these peanuts are disruptive, delicious and downright rowdy. But don’t just take it at face value–Henrietta Said’s Ancho Kimchi peanuts just won the Most Innovative New Product Award for Best Savory Snack at Sweets & Snacks Expo 2023. Bigger flavours are better, y’all.

“We created this brand from the concept of vegan chicken wings along with the desire to take a familiar ingredient everyone loves and experiment with unique and bold flavors,” said president and CEO of Truly Good Foods Angela Bauer. “Henrietta Said embodies the sass and spice of our Southern roots, paired with a fun, modern attitude.”

Henrietta Said is a new brand offering from snack developer, manufacturer and distributor Truly Good Foods. Founded in 1977 and based in Charlotte, N.C., Truly Good Foods specializes in premium snacking mixes, freshly roasted nuts and seeds, dried fruit, and a wide variety of over 2,000 snack products. Women-owned Truly Good Foods believes in the Truly Good difference: Premium, Familiar Ingredients + Fun Culinary Flavors + Functional Ingredients. While Henrietta Said may be the most fashionable of its offerings, Truly Good Foods is set to debut its own makeover soon – more gossip to come.

“We’re so proud of our recent award win at the Sweets & Snacks Expo,” said director of marketing Lisa Smith. “With Henrietta Said, we set out to create a daring and delicious snack that brings our scandalously spicy selves to the mainstream. And with unexpected flavor fusion profiles from around the world, like Ancho Kimchi, we’re thrilled with the reception so far.”

Henrietta Said plus-sized peanuts are available in 5-ounce resealable pouches (MSRP: $4.99) and 1-ounce single-serve snack bags (MSRP: $1.49). They come in four mouth-watering flavours:

  • Nashville Hot Chicken: A scandalous blend of Nashville Hot and dill pickle flavours that some people are calling “the love triangle of the century”
  • Ancho Kimchi: The award-winning combination of Mexican Ancho Chile flavor and tangy Korean kimchi that’ll leave tastebuds craving more
  • Lemon Pepper: A bold mixture of zesty lemon and spicy pepper that gets the peanut gallery gossiping
  • Original Buffalo: A nostalgia-inducing concoction of garlic, paprika and cayenne pepper that will leave snackers feeling totally twangy

Henrietta Said is now available online and coming soon to Amazon. To learn more about the brand’s story and lineup of flavours, visit www.henriettasaid.com.

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