Blissfully Better unveils a new look

In a rapidly evolving market, Blissfully Better, a pioneer in premium and natural chocolate with a strong commitment to quality, health and taste, is thrilled to announce an exciting new look and brand refresh. This rejuvenation captures the essence of the brand while staying true to its core values and delighting its loyal customers.

Blissfully Better, a woman-owned business, has been dedicated to delivering delectable and guilt-free chocolate treats since its establishment in 2016. Since then, Blissfully Better and the team behind it have grown and evolved but have always maintained a steadfast commitment to the values with which Bonnie Wintz Boroian founded the company. Bonnie believed that consumers should not have to compromise on their health goals to indulge in something sweet and decadent. This belief motivated her three-year discovery tour during which she learned about different whole food ingredients, visited locations where coconut nectar was harvested (at the time an unheard-of sweetener), and took confectionery classes – a far cry from her professional experience as a performer. She would later launch Blissfully Better with her mother’s infamous “Christmas Candy” recipe, which is still sold today as Blissfully Better’s Almond Toffee Thins.

“I still believe as strongly as ever that we shouldn’t have to comprise what we want in life, especially in a time when the world is full of possibility, and definitely not on sweet indulgences! Consumers don’t want to sacrifice their health to eat something pleasurable, and shouldn’t have to.” Passionate about crafting and sourcing only the finest, sustainable ingredients, the company has earned a reputation with 9 awards and counting for its luxurious and decadent chocolates that offer health-conscious consumers a guilt-free indulgence.

The packaging update includes a shorter box for enhanced shelf experience and sleek rectangular Thins in place of the original square Thins. The refreshed brand identity and design features a revamped logo and a vibrant color palette with classic botanical elements representative of the nutrient-dense ingredients like cacao pods and coconut nectar flowers that lay the foundation for Blissfully Better’s organic, paleo-friendly, filled chocolates.

This new look is rolling out now and is available for purchase on Blissfully Better’s website, as well as in select retail locations nationwide. Additionally, as a taste of what is to come, the company is excited to be working on offering new gifting options just in time for the holidays.  For more information about Blissfully Better, Bonnie and her story, and the brand’s premium chocolate offerings, please visit and check out Bonnie’s podcast interviews on Instagram and Facebook.

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