British Airways chooses Made for Drink snacks to underpin its commitment to the UK’s craft food and drink scene

A headline BA listing isn’t simply a memorable milestone for crisp connoisseurs, Made for Drink, it’s putting to bed some unfinished business that harks back to 2020, when the out-of-the-blue arrival of COVID resulted in the unfortunate suspension of a 1 month exploratory collaboration between the nation’s favourite airline and the leading voice within the UK’s fine snacking movement.

For all its success within the nation’s most discerning delis, supermarkets, hotels & pubs, Made for Drink has harboured bold ambitious dreams to secure lift-off for a new improved collaboration with BA, aligning two ‘kindred spirit’ brands that espouse quality, authenticity and unapologetic Britishness.

According to Made for Drink’s founder, Dan Featherstone, ‘To get our hospitality & travel profile back to where we left it in 2020 has been a burning ambition for the team for some time now! Ultimately it was worth the wait, because our NEW improved short haul arrangement (covering all flights of 8hrs and under out of Heathrow & Gatwick -circa 3,000 flights a week) means British Airways will be throwing its weight, not only behind our flagship Chorizo Thins but 3 English Heritage lines (Baron Bigod, Dorset Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt), raising invaluable awareness for a sublime Suffolk brie, hand-harvested salt from Chesil beach but most important of all urgent conservation funds for English Heritage’s extensive 400 site estate.

  • Baron Bigod Cheese & Onion Crisps (35g)
  • Dorset Sea Salt Crisps (35g)
  • Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt Crisps (35g)
  • Chorizo Thins (18g)

Above all else, Made for Drink prides itself for its unswerving commitment to best-in-class ingredients and English artisanal prowess. The fact that British Airways saw us as the perfect foodie union to underpin its pledge to our Island’s thriving craft food & drink scene is beyond incredible.’

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