Soreen brings health and affordability to the cake aisle

Malt loaf brand Soreen has reformulated its banana loaf recipe to delight consumers taste buds with its exceptionally tasty and nutritional goodness.

The new Banana Loaf reformulation packs a punch in flavour with an authentic banana bread taste, alongside heightened nutritional’s, at a far more affordable price than other snacking and breakfast options.

At a time when households throughout the UK are striving to uphold a healthy lifestyle but are equally feeling the pressures of daily expenses and inflated costs of living, balancing health and affordability is tough. Soreen’s range provides healthier snacking alternatives whilst achieving good value for money. For example, Soreen Banana Loaf is 147 calories per portion at a cost of 30p per serving, far less that other category products or coffee shop cakes.

As the biggest HFSS compliant brand in cake Soreen has grown by 11% showcasing that customers want to make healthier choices. Soreen continues to be a popular household staple given its nutritional yet tasty appeal and versatility.

Liz Jacobs, marketing director at Soreen said: “The beauty of Soreen is that it is an affordable, tasty and nutritional daily snack.

“At Soreen, we didn’t perceive HFSS as a restriction, we saw it as an opportunity to refresh some products by adding more nutritional goodness in to optimise our health credentials and propel the brand as category leaders for health.

“Our HFSS compliant products have the opportunity to increase in-store visibility by moving to more premium store positions, therefore encouraging shoppers to choose healthier snacking options and aligning to government guidelines to reduce obesity in the UK.”

The grocery sector has been under pressure of late given the challenges of increasing ingredient costs, which have inflated the price of numerous products. For this reason, some retailers have increased their private label ranges given consumers disposable income has fallen. The private label options are there to provide cheaper alternatives to brands as shoppers switch products to achieve good value for money. Soreen provides affordable health for homes throughout the UK.

Liz added: “We are ‘Champions of feel-good nutrition’ hence nutrition is a huge priority to us as a brand. We’re also committed to communicating with integrity and always showing our colour coded nutritional GDAs on the front of our packs.

Soreen’s latest campaign ‘Try Me Topped’ presents some fabulous, and rather unusual combinations to get the senses going, encouraging people to experiment, and inviting them to share their faves, so that the nation’s most loved Malt Loaf topping can be determined!

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