Seeking the next generation of Willy Wonkas

Seeking the next generation of Willy Wonkas

This week has seen a rather popular job advert go live for Mars Wrigley in the UK, which is seeking its very own team of eight Willy Wonkas to become professional chocolate tasters.

As we’ve previously reported, such moves occasionally crop up, with the likes of Ferrero recently offering the chance to join its ranks, though such posts are soon snapped up.

Gaining an insight into the marketing and product placement philosophies of major companies in the sector is certainly a fascinating opportunity that will help shape some of our ever-evolving confectionery landscape.

The fact that major confectionery companies are seeking to fill such roles is an encouraging sign that despite pressure on industry to reformulate or adapt products, it seems there’s still a strong public appetite for confectionery and bakery ranges.

Mars itself is an interesting case in point, having recently introduced protein-enhanced versions of its core Mars Bar range, so it will be interesting to see how such healthier options are actually received by the public during the coming months.

Whatever the case, for anyone with a relatively sweet tooth who is looking to gain an inside track of one of the biggest confectionery groups around, then this must be close to being an ideal role.

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