Noisy Snacks introduces corn and bean snacks

Noisy Snacks introduces corn and bean snacks

Noisy Snacks, an award winning Northern Ireland-based snack brand is launching a new range of products following substantial investment in NPD.

Noisy Snacks’ new range comes in the form of fully recyclable 45g pouches of toasted corn and bean snacks, pre-mixed with extra flavouring that requires a vigorous ‘Shake it, to Wake it’.

The corn and bean snacks are suitable for flexitarians and vegans, are gluten free and high in fibre and protein. The range includes:

–        Noisy Corn Hot Wings Pouch, 45g, £1.00 – £1.29 (VAT free)

–        Noisy Corn Red Curry and Coconut Pouch, 45g, £1.00 – £1.29 (VAT free)

–        Noisy Corn Jamaican Jerky Pouch, 45g, £1.00 – £1.29 (VAT free)

–        Noisy Bean Chips Beef Brisket Pouch, 45g, RRP £1.00 – £1.29 (VAT free)

–        Noisy Bean Chips Pulled Pork Pouch, 45g, RRP £1.00 – £1.29 (VAT free)

–        Noisy Bean Chips Hot Spicy Salsa Pouch, 45g, RRP £1.00 – £1.29 (VAT free)

Noel Allen, founder of Noisy Snacks, said; “We have spent the last year extensively testing our new range on customers all over the UK. People love our enhanced flavours which have double the impact of regular snacks, and they also love our noisy ‘Shake it, to Wake it’ mechanic. Shaking the product ensures our bold and exciting flavours give a generous coating around the snacks themselves.

“We are dedicated to creating delicious healthier snacking experiences that are memorable and fun. We put taste first and our knock out flavours will tantalise the tastebuds. Noise is our key product differentiator, however meeting and exceeding customer expectations on taste, feel, and smell are key components to our success in creating a memorable customer experience using all five senses.”
Further announcements are expected to confirm Noisy Snacks’ significant distribution deals with key retailers in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. The brand will also be investing in a social media campaign with a consumer interaction mechanic to drive mass friend to friend sampling.

Noisy Snacks introduces corn and bean snacksFor more information, visit:

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