Barry Callebaut launches Ruby ice cream coating

Barry Callebaut launches Ruby ice cream coating

As July is National Ice Cream Month in the US, Barry Callebaut has launched its new Ruby chocolate ice cream coating, which the brand says is perfect for dipping ice cream sticks and cones or layering in ice cream pints. Ruby is the newest addition to ​Barry Callebaut’s wide range of ice cream solutions.

With its berry fruity taste, Barry Callebaut believes Ruby opens new taste horizons for ice cream manufacturers. Its fresh and tangy flavour reportedly delivers “a new taste experience”, with that novel ice cream coating crack of texture.

Director of the Barry Callebaut brand, Laura Bergan, said, “Ruby is truly like nothing we’ve ever tasted before. It has a refreshing fruitiness while still maintaining that velvety smoothness that we love so much in other types of chocolate, and it works so well with ice cream. It’s not limited to coating ice cream, either. It works well as a Ruby chocolate swirl in an ice cream pint or gallon as well.”

Chef Martin Diez added: “Ruby ice cream coating is a game-changer for the ice cream market. The texture of Ruby allows you to taste all of its unique flavors and it pairs well not only with berries and citrus to complement its fruity flavor but also with nuts like pistachios, which create a colorful green and pink composition perfect for a summertime treat.”

US consumers can find Ruby ice cream bars by Magnum and the Ruby Cacao Collection by ​Häagen-Dazs at local grocery stores nationwide.

Click here to learn more​ about ruby pairings, and ​click here to watch chef Martin Diez ​creating with Ruby Ice Cream Coating in the company’s BC Studio.

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