TREK launches new POWER Bars and expands flapjack range

TREK launches new POWER Bars and expands flapjack range

UK snack brand TREK is launching new POWER bars and expanding its flapjack ranges.

New sweet treat-inspired TREK POWER bars will feature 15g of plant-based protein and are positioned to appeal to consumers with busy and active lifestyles who are seeking a vegan and healthier protein filled alternatives with no artificial sweeteners. Available in two varieties – Peanut Butter Crunch and Millionaire Shortbread, TREK Power will be one of the first plant-based bars on the market coated in a natural alternative to chocolate with no artificial sweeteners, set to meet an increasing consumer demand.  

TREK launches new POWER Bars and expands flapjack rangeBoth bars are made with 100% plant-based ingredients, including 15g protein and are gluten-free, vegan and GM free, whilst tasting like two of the nation’s favourite treats. Similar to TREK’s product range, these bars are designed to provide slow release energy, avoiding any spikes and lulls through plant-based ingredients, helping consumers get the most out of their work out or busy day.

TREK launches new POWER Bars and expands flapjack rangeSports nutrition is a key driver of the snacking category with health-conscious consumers placing high importance on being physically active and the trend towards protein-filled treats showing no signs of diminishing. The high-protein confectionery market is increasingly crowded with bars which contain added sugar, sweeteners and animal products, despite 62% of consumers agreeing that sports nutrition products made with plant proteins are a healthier choice and 53% of consumers are concerned about artificial sweeteners.

TREK senior brand manager Georgina Crook said: “This was the next step for TREK, as research has found that nearly two thirds of consumers (63%) said recognising the ingredients that go into a product had some impact on their purchasing decisions. Providing natural, plant-based energy has always been at the heart of what the TREK brand does, and we have seen a real opportunity to fill a gap in the sports nutrition market as there is not currently a bar in the top 50 of the category which simultaneously provides plant-based protein and contains no artificial sweeteners. The new POWER Bars’ eye-catching packaging includes the TREK emblem signposting their credentials and helping consumers to navigate the category.”

TREK POWER bars will be available in retailers including Tesco and Sainsbury’s Free From at an RRP of £1.75 from September 2020.

Additionally, TREK has expanded its Protein Flapjack range to introduce two new on-trend flavours – Smooth Lemon and White Chocolate & Raspberry.  Packed with natural ingredients both varieties are made with gluten-free oats, 9g of plant-based protein and are full of fibre, for consumers looking for a healthy vegan snack which provides slow release energy.

The White Chocolate and Raspberry Protein Flapjack is filled with tangy raspberries running throughout and sprinkled on top, finished with a layer of white chocolate. Also making its debut is the Smooth Lemon Flapjack which is topped with vegan lemon icing. Both are made with whole foods and do not contain any artificial sweeteners or refined sugars, proving a healthier snacking option.

TREK launches new POWER Bars and expands flapjack rangeTREK launches new POWER Bars and expands flapjack range

The new flavours will sit along TREK’s bestselling Cocoa Oat flapjack and its Salted Caramel variant, which was launched earlier this year and is already the second highest performing TREK flapjack in multi-pack variant. The newly extended range is positioned to appeal to the growing number of consumers looking for a snack which is tasty and convenient but also delivers against a number of health credentials. With this macro trend dominating food and drink and a third (32%)  of all snacking occasions chosen based on ‘health’, insights show that shoppers are increasingly looking for clean and natural ingredients lists and wellbeing benefits from the snacks they choose, without compromising on taste.

Georgie Crook commented: “With the success of our current core Protein Flapjack flavours, we already knew that consumers loved this format in our bars and that there was a real opportunity to expand the range to meet further demand. We’ve stepped it up with these two new flavours and our NPD team have delivered two brilliant tasting toppings. We know 53% of consumers are worried about artificial sweeteners  and a third prefer products with all-natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners , so this extension to the TREK flapjack range delivers against so many of the features people increasingly want to see.”

The launch of these two new flapjack flavours will be supported with a marketing campaign incorporating PR, social media and influencer work, projecting a reach of over 14 million.

TREK White Chocolate and Smooth Lemon Flapjacks will be available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and online with Amazon for RRP £2.50.

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