Russell & Atwell launch fresh chilled chocolates

Russell & Atwell launch fresh chilled chocolates

Steve Russell and Giles Atwell have over 30 years of collective experience in the making and business of chocolate. Their company, Russell & Atwell, started with a simple question: “Why are we still eating long-life chocolate, if everything tastes better fresh?” So, they set about with the ambitious challenge of making restaurant quality, fresh chilled chocolates, for supermarket prices; October 2020 sees the launch of three sumptuous pouches of fresh chocolates, Outrageously Creamy Milk Chocolates, with a Fino de Aroma Milk Centre; Extra Dark Chocolates with a Premium Solomon Islands Cocoa Centre and Ridiculously Smooth Dark Chocolates with a Fino de Aroma Dark Centre.

The ‘long life’ chocolate bar was invented at the start of the 20th century, but most homes have had fridges since the ‘50s, so while fresh milk, pasta and desserts have all migrated over into the fridge, chocolate has been left, quite literally, on the shelf. Russell and Atwell believe it’s high time fresh chocolate became the go-to standard for quality, simplicity of ingredients and indulgence, replacing the need for palm oil with fresh organic cream.

Made with high quality and sustainable ingredients that you can find in the kitchen – like fresh cream, butter and honey – Russell and Atwell set out to create delicious fridge-fresh chocolates, making hundreds of prototypes before settling on their launch trio.

  • The Creamy Milk Chocolates feature a hand-finished, rich milk chocolate shell with a slow-melting, creamy milk chocolate centre and a touch of caramel.
  • The classic Dark Chocolates feature a hand-finished 70% dark chocolate shell with a slow-melting, rich dark chocolate centre and a drop of mellow honey
  • The Extra Premium Dark Chocolates feature a 70% chocolate shell with a cool velvety centre, enriched with 100% Solomon Islands Cocoa, blended with organic double-cream, a drop of honey and a pinch of salt.

Russell & Atwell’s unique blend of cocoa, together with fresh organic cream and honey reportedly offers three benefits:

  1. Taste – the flavour combination reportedly brings an authentic richness, depth and creaminess to the chocolate without needing extra sugar;
  2. Texture – where palm oil typically coats the mouth, the cream in Russell & Atwell’s chocolates reportedly delivers a much smoother melt;
  3. Ingredients – Russell & Atwell source from small ethical producers: organic cream and butter from the Cotswolds, Dorset sea salt, Wainwright’s honey, Joe & Seph’s caramel and Luker sustainable Colombian cocoa, adding no ‘nasties’ and no palm oil.

Currently fundraising on crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter, Russell & Atwell reached their goal in just 48 hours, becoming the most popular food project on the site:

Russell & Atwell’s new offerings are priced from £6.00 per 90g bag and are available for pre-order now via Russell & Atwell’s letterbox delivery service, in the virtual chocolate aisle or in the chiller alongside luxury desserts soon. Customers can also expect glass gifting jars and unique seasonal specials launching soon to the company’s web-shop at

  • Be sure to follow Sweets and Savoury Snacks World on Instagram for visuals of more new product releases.

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