Blops introduces new vegan gourmet snack range

Blops introduces new vegan gourmet snack range

Blops, a new UK snack brand devoted to the vegan lifestyle, is launching two snack ranges in the form of popped lotus seeds and popcorn.

The full Blops range is 100% vegan, all natural, a good source of fibre and gluten free. This makes the snacks perfect for those with gluten intolerance or anyone looking for the best of the best, says the brand. The sweet and savoury snacks are manufactured in the UK and Blops already has a decent following on Instagram and Facebook.

Much of the history of Blops is traced back to India, where veganism/vegetarianism is the standard. Residents of the many cities and villages have eaten these popped lotus seeds for thousands of years, says founder Jaydeep Gandhi, and Blops is a simple extension of the snacks found there. Blops is the only brand that makes popped lotus seeds in the UK and keeps all the ingredients 100% natural so the consumers can enjoy the added health benefits.

Blops’ main company mission is to provide 100% natural, vegan, gourmet snacks that will be healthy as well as enlighten everyone’s tastebuds. The brand has sold over 5000 packets to date and has also just announced a special offering for Sweatcoin users. Sweatcoin is an app that rewards users for the amount of steps they walk every day. From 12 June 2021 for a limited time, Blops will be running a sponsored campaign to offer its snacks for free for a short period of time to everyone on the Sweatcoin app who keeps fit and healthy.

Blops are also available directly from the brand’s website ( with free shipping on orders over £25. Customers can also find the products at various online locales, including eBay, Amazon and Borough Box.

Blops introduces new vegan gourmet snack range

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