Florestal Foods launches new Princess chocolates

Florestal Foods launches new Princess chocolates

Florestal Foods, one of the most traditional confectionery manufacturers in Brazil exporting to over 80 countries, has launched a new chocolate bar with a princess theme.

Made with 90g of milk chocolate, Princess chocolates have as their main feature the addition of edible pink pearls (called nonpareils), that the company hopes will attract consumers.

The packaging, also conceived in the colour pink, presents Florestal’s Princess. This theme is already present in Florestal’s portfolio, in the form of tongue tattoo lollipops and marshmallows.

This new product adds to the company’s kids’ line, containing Unicorns and Dinos chocolates, which has reportedly been attracting more and more consumers, especially children.

Just as with the other products in this line, Princess chocolates feature a flexible flowpack packaging in cardstock displays holding 10 units, with all the quality and flavour of chocolate produced in Gramado.

For more information, visit: www.florestal.com.

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