NOMO celebrates a free-from Easter

NOMO, the UK free-from chocolate brand, will continue to ensure everyone can enjoy the big seasonal moments as it launches an array of new vegan and free from Easter treats for 2022, alongside the return of some familiar favourites.  

This year, NOMO’s new products take cookie dough from a mainstream flavour – typically exclusive to non-vegan consumers at Easter – to a flavour the free-from and vegan community can indulge in too.   

Cookie Dough Bunny: The brand-new product is made with NOMO’s famous creamy choc and filled with cookie dough which has been moulded into the shape of the iconic Easter animal.  

The vegan and free-from bunny makes for the perfect little treat to help both new and loyal customers celebrate the seasonal occasion, says NOMO. The new product is available to purchase from Asda, Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons with an RRP of 80p. 

NOMO celebrates a free-from Easter

Cookie Dough Crunch Egg: NOMO’s second Easter addition is its brand-new Cookie Dough Crunch Egg. The treat combines NOMO’s original creamy choc with a vegan and free from cookie dough shell – it also includes a Cookie Dough Bunny to mirror the Easter Egg offerings that are available in mainstream confectionery.The Cookie Dough Crunch Egg is available from Sainsbury’s and Waitrose with an RRP of £6.

NOMO celebrates a free-from Easter

Creamy Choc Egg and Monster Lolly (pictures above): The third addition to NOMO’s Easter range is the Creamy Choc Egg and Monster Lolly – the latest iteration of its Kids Nomster offering which launched in 2021.There will be three eggs on offer in the range: Mo, Jo and Flo, with each including the matching creamy choc lolly. Six activities will also hide within each box which will feature colouring-in, puzzles and jokes.  

NOMO’s mission is to ensure as many children as possible can enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate and the Nomster range does just this. It is available from Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury’s and Tesco with an RRP of £3. 

Familiar Favourites: Stalwarts of NOMO’s Easter range will also feature on supermarket shelves this year. These four eggs are the much-loved Caramel, Caramel and Sea Salt, Fruit and Crunch (below) and Creamy Choc.

NOMO celebrates a free-from Easter

Each of the vegan and free-from Easter staples have enjoyed an upgrade – now featuring a brand-new redesigned mould. All eggs will follow the mainstream Easter format by featuring their respective flavoured chocolate bars. These classics are available at a range of UK supermarkets* with an RRP of £6. 

Jacqueline Tyrell, brand manager at NOMO, said: “Vegans and allergy sufferers have been crying out for new products, especially for Easter, and so we are delighted to launch our new range alongside our familiar favourites.  

“Those who are vegan or free-from often find themselves missing out on seasonal moments like Easter. We want to take the angst out of these moments for them, which is why we strive to make our products irresistible and inclusive to ensure no one misses out.  

“We offer all the flavours and formats that are available in mainstream confectionery, so it is also easier than ever to make direct swaps for those wanting to trial a vegan diet.” 

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