Chupa Chups launches new oozing candy lollipop

Chupa Chups, the world’s number one[1] and original lollipop brand, is introducing Fr-ooze Pop, a delicious new playful sweet treat with oozing candy gel.

Launching this month, the latest addition to the  Chupa Chups portfolio is a fun twist on the classic lollipop and is designed to be enjoyed with friends. Remove the lid, lick the lollipop and squeeze to reveal the delicious tasting candy gel! Fr-ooze Pop comes in three popular flavours – strawberry, blueberry, and tropical – certain to be snatched up by loyal Chupa Chups customers.

The brand, which leads the market generating over £8million MAT[2], aims to diversify its lollipop portfolio and bring something new and exciting to the category. It is targeting existing consumers who know and trust the quality of its products but want to experiment with new candy formats.

Each shipper contains 12 displays of 12 lollipops with an individual RRP of £1. The higher price point offers basket spend growth and more revenue per purchase versus original lollipops.

Kate Howe, brand manager of Chupa Chups, said: “We are delighted to be expanding the Chupa range with the introduction of our latest innovation. This super-fun product blends fruity flavour with the novel experience of the candy gel oozing down the lollipop to create the ‘fr-ooze’ taste sensation!

“There is a huge appetite for fruity tasting sweet treats, making the time perfectly ‘ripe’ to launch this delicious interactive creation.”


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