Peeps debuts seven new Easter treats

Peeps debuts seven new Easter treats

Peeps, the number one non-chocolate US Easter candy brand, is expanding its portfolio by debuting new products in Spring 2020.

“The Peeps brand has become an icon in American pop culture, with its instantly recognizable colors, shapes and flavours holding a special place in the hearts of many for nearly seven decades. We take pride in seeing that parents who were given Peeps in their Easter baskets as kids are now passing those traditions on to their own family,” said Caitlin Servian, brand manager for Peeps.

“We strive to meet the perfect balance of history and innovation by continuing to offer our classic Peeps Chicks and Bunnies, while also bringing new and exciting products to our fans.”

Classic Peeps products will be debuting a new look in Easter 2020 and seven new products will join the range of fresh and colourful designs:

National Peeps Marshmallow flavours:

  • Peeps Chocolate Pudding Flavoured Marshmallow Bunnies
  • Peeps Root Beer Float Flavoured Marshmallow Chicks

Exclusive Peeps Marshmallow products for select retailers:

  • Peeps Froot Loops Flavoured Pop – available only at Target and Walmart
  • Peeps Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Flavoured Marshmallow Chicks – available only at the Kroger Family of Stores
  • Peeps Delights Raspberry Flavoured Marshmallow Chicks Dipped in Crème Flavoured Fudge – available only at Target
  • Peeps Individually Wrapped Marshmallow Chicks for Egg Hunt – available only at Walmart

New Peeps candy forms:

  • Peeps Flavoured Jelly Beans

In addition to the above, Peeps has collaborated with Kellogg’s and International Delight for the second year to offer both a marshmallow flavoured cereal and coffee creamer. The Peeps Marshmallow Flavoured Cereal with Marshmallows from Kellogg’s now has new yellow Peeps Chick and pink and blue Peeps Bunny shaped marshmallows additions. International Delight and Peeps are also introducing new Peeps Flavoured Creamer Singles at convenience store coffee stations, while the standard creamer bottle will again be available in the dairy aisle at retailers across the US.

Additionally, Peeps will be working with founder of Milk Bar, Christina Tosi, to create several recipes incorporating sweet Peeps treats. The Peeps brand is also joining forces with the baked-good experts at Duncan Hines to create even more Easter-inspired creations.

As well as encouraging fans to express their #PEEPSONALITY on social media this spring (by tagging @PEEPSBrand), Peeps are also encouraging marshmallow lovers to keep an eye out for an additional announcement on 3 March 2020, which will see Peeps ‘hopping’ into the fashion scene with a global leader in innovative apparel.

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