Tic Tac reveals new Big Berry Adventure

Tic Tac reveals new Big Berry Adventure

Image courtesy of Tic Tac

Iconic mint brand Tic Tac is expanding its Adventure Line with the debut of Big Berry Adventure. The brand’s newest fruit innovation features a mash-up of two rich raspberry and juicy blueberry flavours that come together with a playful shake. Created to inspire fun and adventurous moments for consumers, Big Berry Adventure is beginning to roll out on shelves across the US.

“Fruity flavors have always performed well for Tic Tac, but over the past few months we’ve seen an uptick in demand for this taste profile,” said Felipe Riera Michelotti, VP Marketing, Tic Tac North America at Ferrero USA, Inc. “Tic Tac sales and industry reports are showing mint and gum users are seeking out other refreshing flavors beyond traditional mint. With Big Berry Adventure, we decided to introduce not one, but two fruity flavors in one pack. This new pair will be sure to add a pop of playful refreshment in a way that only Tic Tac can.” 

Tic Tac reveals new Big Berry Adventure

Images courtesy of Tic Tac

According to a 2019 US Gum, Mints & Breath Fresheners Report, a majority of respondents (52%) who purchase gums, mints or breath fresheners share that they are interested in a greater variety of fruity flavours. The Tic Tac brand’s Adventure Line also includes Fruit Adventure, which recently became the brand’s best-selling flavour. Orange recently took the second most popular spot, underscoring today’s consumer demand for more fruit-forward flavours.  

Tic Tac Big Berry Adventure will be available for purchase in 1oz and 3.4oz packs.

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