New children’s chocolate brand launches in UK 

New children’s chocolate brand launches in UK 

Chocolate lovers big and small will be excited to hear that a new Fairtrade chocolate brand, Forest of Hope, is launching in the UK. The brand, owned by Kinnerton, is putting sustainability at its core with a range of nine milk chocolate, nut-free surprise eggs, each with a different animal on its carton from the Gola rainforest.

Each egg will open to reveal a surprise animal which lives in the Forest of Hope, as well as fun animal designs on the outer carton. The eggs also contain over thirty challenge cards to collect, family activity games to complete and educational facts to enable children to learn more about the animals that live in the forest.

The brand is not only a tasty treat with fun activities, it enables children to open up and wonder about the rainforest, recycling and sustainable resourcing. The packaging is 100% recyclable and is all utilised with additional activities and facts on the reverse of the carton.

At 90kcal per portion and nut-free, Forest of Hope offers the perfect treat, as well as striving to educate and share knowledge on the environment, wildlife and how to live more responsibly.

Forest of Hope fairly trades cocoa with farmers in Sierra Leone who grow their cocoa in harmony with the Gola rainforest to protect it and its endangered wildlife, whilst creating a livelihood for farmers families and building local communities. Forest of Hope is therefore Fairtrade accredited.

Tara Stevens, brand manager, said: “We are so excited to launch Forest of Hope, bringing something new and exciting to the children’s confectionery market, whilst also creating a more hopeful future for the planet that appeals to the new generation. Forest of Hope is forest friendly, fair to farmers and fun for families. We are so proud to have created a plastic-free, delicious chocolate product, that delivers innovation and education while also supporting cocoa farmers in Sierra Leone.”

Forest of Hope surprise eggs are available to purchase now in Co-op stores across the country, with an RRP of 85p.

The eggs are also available to purchase from the Forest of hope website – and also at Goodibox

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