Single serve barkThins

barkThins has launched a single serving version of its traditional 4.7oz pouches in the US. The 2oz bags, are currently available at selected airport locations (including JFK) and will be rolling out in Gelson’s and Southern California and Wegmans on the east coast later this year.

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Super food truffles

Sweet Virtues, an award-winning, forward thinking and health conscious food business, has launched a luxury selection of super food truffles in the UK. Available in three varieties – Maqui, Chia Seeds & Lime and Baobab & Vanilla – the truffles come in boxes of about 10. Sweet Virtues’ luxury truffles are nutrient-dense and power-packed with […]

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Salted almond chocolate line

Madagascan chocolate brand Madécasse has added a Salted Almond variant as it continues to see interest and sales grow in the UK. Made with one of Madagascar’s rare heirloom cocoa varieties, the Salted Almond bar features dark chocolate that’s sprinkled with roasted almond nibs and sea salt. The unique, single-origin chocolate bars are made in […]

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Trading up on indulgent items

According to a new study by Canadean Consumer, shoppers are most likely to trade-up on chocolate when it comes to buying indulgent groceries. Overall, 38% of buyers say they buy premium either ‘regularly’ or ‘all the time’. In comparison, 35% said the same about coffee, 33% about alcohol and 32% about ice cream. This suggests […]


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