Lir Chocolates expands Easter range with Baileys Chocolate Sundae Egg

Leading Irish Chocolatier, Lir Chocolates, is expanding its Baileys Chocolates Easter range for 2022 with the launch of a Sundae Easter Egg. The launch follows on from the success of the popular Baileys Chocolate Mini Eggs which went on shelf last year. The new egg taps into consumers looking for self-indulgence and will be available from the Lir Chocolates website for £11.

The new egg has the famous Baileys Original Irish Cream flavour running through – hand decorated and topped with fudge, chocolate buttons and caramel crispies, appealing to shoppers looking for innovation in a trusted brand.

Easter 2021 saw a bumper return for egg sales compared to the dip in 2020, with sales soaring by 50%[1]. It is predicted that in 2022, consumers will be taking a more considered approach to shopping due to the cost-of-living crisis and will be seeking out brands they know to avoid residual risk. [2]

Ruth Sherry, senior brand manager at Lir Chocolates, said: “Consumers are more likely to go with iconic brands they are familiar with versus one they are not, which is why the Baileys range always tends to perform well around occasions such as Easter and Christmas. Consumers are seeking indulgence and comfort now more than ever which is why our new egg incorporates best loved indulgent flavours such as fudge and caramel.”

Ruth continued: “2022 is going to be all about indulgences that are meaningful – spending a little bit extra on more premium treats rather than corner shop impulse buys.”

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