NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream expands its range by introducing 3 new summer flavours

NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream, based in India, has launched three new exclusive summer flavours that will be sold nationwide. The limited collection includes Belgian Chocolate, Chickoo, and Jackfruit flavoured ice cream. Available from major retailers and online platforms nationwide, these new creations use only 100% natural ingredients and pure milk in all of their products along with no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Founded in 2015, the company pledges its motto, ‘honestly natural’.

Speaking about the new launch, Sanjiv Indar Shah, director of Walko Food Company Pvt Ltd, said, “The newly-launched summer flavours not only include mesmerizing names, but are a reflection of the tastes of Millennials and Gen Z. We look at major trends and what consumers want in their treats when developing new flavours. In addition, by the end of this month, we plan to launch Spicy Guava, Lychee, and Kala Jamun. 

“At NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream, we are constantly looking for new ways to delight ice cream lovers everywhere, and we are thrilled to be introducing such a diverse range of new flavours this season in our efforts to expand our presence across India and diversify our dessert portfolio. They represent our passion and commitment to creating what’s next on our menu, promising an indulgent experience for all ice cream fans”, added Sanjiv.

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