Fudge Kitchen launches two new flavours in time for Father’s Day

The British artisan confectioner has developed two new flavours of its traditional slab fudge in time for Father’s Day. The producers, who are known for their innovative flavour combinations, have created a Coffee Caramel Frappe Fudge and a Vegan Chocolate Rum Fudge which they say is the perfect sweet treat for the father figure in your life.  

The Coffee Caramel Frappe fudge is made by swirling white chocolate, handmade caramel and ground coffee beans through their traditional vanilla slab fudge recipe, whilst the Vegan Chocolate Rum Fudge is made using gluten free oat milk, cocoa powder and rum. Fudge Kitchen’s vegan fudge flavours get their creamy texture from finely honed, sugar crafting techniques, and their slab fudge is all handmade using only natural ingredients with no preservatives. The new fudge flavours can be found in any Fudge Kitchen shop or bought directly through their website.  

Fudge Kitchen has been operating for nearly 40 years with their creamy, premium fudge that’s still handmade in small batches in its 6 high street locations and at its production kitchen in Kent. Alongside its extensive confectionery range and experiential fudge making experiences, it also makes bespoke own label products for some of the most prestigious luxury department stores and hotels in London, including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Selfridges.  

The brand is known for its theatrical fudge making experiences offered in all 6 of their high street stores up and down the country. Before buying a slice of slab fudge you can see it being made by expert fudge makers on a marble top table. The process takes around 45 minutes in total and is a real spectacle to watch. Once the ingredients have been heated to a precise 237 degrees in a traditional copper pot, they are poured onto a marble top table and folded with a paddle to create a fudge ‘loaf’ that is then sliced up and served. 

Alongside its new fudge flavours, Fudge Kitchen has a variety of gifts for under £40 this Father’s Day (19 June).


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