Tony’s launches latest product Lil’ Bits

Tony’s Chocolonely has launched their new snacking range: Lil’ Bits. The offering will be available in three flavours and allow consumers to indulge by the handful, with a unique mix of ingredient combinations in each bite. Despite their size, the company says, Lil’ Bits creates a  big impact for cocoa farmers who are paid a fair price for their cocoa, enabling a living income.

Tony’s Chocolonely’s Lil’ Bits feature chewy and crunchy cores covered in a chunky layer of sustainably sourced chocolate and are inspired by some of Tony’s most popular bar flavours:

  • Milk chocolate caramel sea salt & cookie mix with crunchy caramel and cookies wrapped in thick milk chocolate
  • Triple chocolate mix with layers of creamy milk, white and dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate s’mores mix with chewy marshmallow and graham crackers wrapped in thick milk chocolate

Next to Tony’s classic bars, Tiny’s and limited edition offerings, this marks a permanent new category introduction for the global impact brand. Lil’ Bits will be available starting 23 January at Whole Foods and online at Tony’s Chocoshop at

With a mission to make all chocolate 100% free from exploitation, Tony’s Chocolonely  demonstrates that making delicious and responsibly sourced chocolate can go hand-in-hand.

Right now, there are 1.56 million children in child labour on cocoa farms in West Africa. Poverty is the root cause of illegal labor in cocoa. To escape the poverty cycle, cocoa farmers need to earn a living income. Tony’s Chocolonely pays the Living Income Reference Price (LIRP) for their cocoa, which enables a living income for cocoa farmers by paying 18–44% on top of what most other brands pay for their cocoa.

By paying farmers a price that enables a living income, Tony’s Chocolonely works to eliminate illegal labour, bit by bit.

“We’re super excited to make the move into this new category,” said Tony’s product development specialist non-bars, Eva Wieleman. “To challenge big players by showing them that similar products can be made differently and to drive impact in our own supply chain by diversifying our assortment: the more cocoa we source for new products, the more premium we pay farmers – enabling a living income.”

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