Cheese eggs and hazelnut squirrels make the grade for Easter

Cheese eggs and hazelnut squirrels make the grade for Easter

With Easter just around the corner, it has been encouraging to see a typically robust range of products making their way to market.

As previously reported, the season remains an especially lucrative one for chocolate manufacturers in particular for the UK market with Ferrero noting it as being of vital importance to its revenues.

The company has been showing a clear innovation trend in recent times, with some novel items emerging including a confectionery squirrel in a nifty hazelnut variety.

In addition, the company also undertook a major multi-million marketing campaign across TV, social media, and traditional in-store advertising to boost its revenues.

Clearly, it’s not every company that has the resources to do this, but with such a comparatively high profile, it’s easy to understand the direct link between its ad spend and the results the company achieves.

Another prominent launch this Easter is the introduction of a ruby chocolate Easter egg, which has built on the initial success seen for Barry Callebaut, after linking up with KitKat for its much-heralded new chocolate category.

For something entirely different, UK shoppers have just been introduced to the Cheesalicious Easter Egg, featuring 120g of cheddar cheese, which has been causing something of stir, and potentially dividing opinion.

So, all in all, there’s something for everyone this Easter, with a host of flavours and creative designs that have placed some seasonal joy back into consumers’ lives.


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