Tangerine Confectionery announces modern twists on confectionery favourites

Tangerine Confectionery has unveiled a double product launch, with twists on two much-loved retro classics.

First, the Barratt Strawberry Sherbet Fountain will feature a strawberry flavoured dipping stick, a variation of the classic liquorice flavour.

The original Sherbet Fountain has been sold by Barratt since 1925 and is currently worth £1.2 million in the confectionery market. As liquorice is known to be popular with an older demographic, the launch will enable the sweet to attract a younger fan base of sweet lovers.

The creation of the new Barratt Sherbet Fountain flavour has also seen an industry expert come out of retirement. Roger Pigott, has worked in the confectionery industry for over 45 years and was brought in as a consultant to the project in order to develop the new confection.

Roger Pigott, said: “I’ve worked closely with the team to develop a stick with the perfect strawberry note that was compatible with the sherbet filling, and I firmly believe the new product will be a hit with Sherbet lovers old and new.”

In addition to the Barratt Strawberry Sherbet Fountain, Tangerine Confectionery has launched Barratt Wham Softies – a soft, yet sour twist on the retro chew bar.

Barratt Wham Softies will include the green and yellow crystals, making it the sourest soft confectionery on the market. The product will also be suitable for vegetarians and is lower in sugar than leading competitors.

The Wham brand is currently worth £1.5 million and is in growth year on year, while the wider Barratt Softies family boasts a significant growth of 62% and is now worth a significant £5.4 million.

Russell Tanner, marketing and category director at Tangerine Confectionery, said: “Both new launches perfectly tap into the well-documented ‘kidulting’ trend – where adults enjoy embracing their inner-child with the sweets they remember from their youth and then creating new memories with their children.

“Our modern variations of classics offer something new for loyal consumers who have loved the brands for years, while also engaging new confectionery fans. And with strawberry currently the number one selling sweets flavour and the soaring popularity of sour confectionery – we’re confident that both product launches will become best sellers within the Barratt family.”

The Barratt Strawberry Sherbet Fountain 25g is now available in Home Bargains for five for £1 or one for 25p, while Barratt Wham Softies are now available in a 120g £1 PMP variation and in 160g packs.

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