Sous Chef introduces Lakrids’ liquorice Easter eggs

Sous Chef introduces Lakrids' liquorice Easter eggs

UK online shop Sous Chef has introduced a pair of liquorice eggs to its Easter offerings this year.

The unusual but chic Easter eggs are produced by Danish brand Lakrids by Bülow and come in two flavours:

Crispy Caramel Chocolate Coated Liquorice Aegg (300g)

Each of these black eggs holds a centre of soft, sweet liquorice wrapped in smooth dulce caramelised chocolate. The eggs are held in a thin, crispy shell which is finished with Maldon sea salt flakes and a dusting of raw liquorice powder, decorared with silver speckles for an elegant final touch.

Organic Vanilla Mango Chocolate Coated Liquorice Aegg (300g)

Inside this egg are individual balls of Lakrids liquorice which has been slow-cooked, giving it a firmer texture and a rich, almost toffee-like flavour.

The liquorice is wrapped in a layer of white chocolate flavoured with vanilla and mango powder. The tropical notes in these eggs pair well with the dark liquorice, with a flavour combination reminiscent of a rum and mango cocktail.

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