Candy Kittens introduced into Walmart stores

Candy Kittens introduced into Walmart stores

Premium vegan confectionary brand Candy Kittens, based in London, has supercharged its US business with the launch into 3899 Walmart stores this November. Building on the brands listings with high-end US retailers like Barnes & Noble, Bloomingdales and more, the Walmart partnership will elevate Candy Kittens presence nationally. The listing gives Candy Kittens over 10,000 points of distribution. The brand presence will be concentrated on the east, central and west coasts to capitalise the consumer demand for plant based snacking. The gourmet sweets range will tap into multiple consumption occasions with a range of sharing  and on-the-go packs (125g and 54g respectively). 

Co-founder and managing director (CEO) of Candy Kittens, Edward Williams, says: “I am incredibly proud of our partnership with Walmart. This is an opportunity to give American households their first taste of vegan gourmet sweets and shake up the dated legacy brands that currently fill the shelves. We have always seen potential in the US and hope Walmart can complement our existing efforts in the speciality and fashion sectors. We are confident that we can premiumise the US confectionery market, as we have done in the UK. I am grateful for Walmart’s support and look forward to delivering a range conscious consumers can fall in love with.” 

Candy Kittens is well placed to disrupt the US confectionery market having taken on the UK category’s big names and currently delivering brand growth at 75% YoY. Candy Kittens is on a mission to shake up the category by appealing to the modern and conscious shopper. This growing consumer group, according to the company, are largely ignored by the childish and novelty brands that dominate the US market. Candy Kittens hopes to capture this Millennial audience with its fashion inspired collection of London confectionery. Candy Kittens’ unique vegan recipe will also allow Walmart to tap into the rise of plant based foods, growing at 11.4% last yer and totalling a record $5 billion in the US annually. 

Candy Kittens vegan and veggie sweets are made with 10% fruit juice and are free from gelatine, palm oil and carnauba wax. Candy Kittens is taking steps towards a greener future with carbon neutral production and recyclable packaging via supermarket collection points. 

For further information, visit the US Candy Kittens website or UK website. 

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