Chewits expands with new flavours

Chewits expands with new flavours

British sweet brand Chewits is expanding its stick pack ranges with a burst of new flavours, available in convenience and wholesale retailers; Blue Raspberry Chewits, Cherry Chewits, Sour Lemon Xtreme Chewits and Sour Cherry Xtreme Chewits.

Chewits launched in 1965 and is still the UK’s number one selling wrapped chew stick pack. It has been renowned for its chewy texture and great range of fruit and sour flavours, but this is the first time that Chewits has added new flavours to its core stick pack range, in over ten years.

The sugar confectionery market is growing at 1.1% year on year and currently worth £1.07bn. Chewits is keen to capitalise on the continued success of the sector, by adding a burst of new flavours to its signature product formats. With this range of new flavours, Chewits is also looking to drive growth and attract new buyers in the single impulse category, which was hit hard by the pandemic, but still accounts for 36% of category sales.

It’s also been a long time since Chewits has added any new flavours to its successful Sour Xtreme Stick Pack, which launched in 2000 and is the UK’s number one selling sour stick pack. Sour flavours currently account for the largest portion of sugar confectionery growth (41%), so the brand believes this is the ideal opportunity for growth.

Though Chewits recently expanded into the bonbon and hanging bags categories in 2020 with the introduction of its new Juicy Bites, Xtreme Sour Bites, Xtreme Sour Apple Laces and Fruity Twists, it has come back to its heritage for this new product development.

The stick packs of the chews are where Chewits first originated and the brand believes these packs are ideally placed for portion control management and delivering that singular hit of fruit flavour. The pack expand on the existing flavours in the chews range – Strawberry, Fruit Salad, Blackcurrant, Cola and Sour Apple.

Speaking about the new flavours, Sarah McDermott, senior brand manager at Cloetta UK, comments: “As Chewits stick packs have been around for almost 60 years, we know it’s important to renew and refresh the range with mouth-watering new flavours to attract new interest in these much-loved chews.

“We want to replicate the success we had from the launch of our new product formats last year by building on our heritage and driving growth of our classics. We hope to see these fabulous new flavours become firm favourites like Strawberry, Fruit Salad and Sour Apple.”

The new flavours; Blue Raspberry Chewits and Cherry Chewits are available in 30g stick packs (RSP 49p). Sour Lemon Xtreme Chewits and Sour Cherry Xtreme Chewits are available in 34g stick packs (RSP 49p).

All of the new flavours are suitable for vegetarians and available from convenience stores and wholesalers nationwide. Current wholesalers include: Bestway, Unitas, Parfetts and Sugro. Nationwide retailers include Nisa and Spar.

The launch will also be supported with a paid and organic social media campaign focusing on two key elements of the Chewits brand:

  • Its heritage and how its sweets are not just loved by kids today but adults too, because they remind them of their youth – this will follow the overarching message – “do chew remember?”
  • The brand will also promote the ongoing divide between sour and sweet with the question “Do you like your classic Chew or a sour Xtreme?”

For more details of the new Chews, visit: or for more information on the Xtreme products, visit:

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