Yowie boosts listings across the US

The Yowie Group has revealed the expanded availability of its popular Yowie chocolates that are paired with child-friendly wild animal figurines at retail outlets across the US.

High potential

Confectioners are closely monitoring the growing legalisation of marijuana across the USA and Canada, offering them the opportunity to develop new products with an special, edgy ingredient.

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Award winning chocolate

Host Nigel Barden presented the Gold winners of the 2015 Academy of Chocolate Awards at a sparkling awards party at Fortnum and Mason in London. There were additional awards for exceptional entrants: Bertil Akesson was awarded the coveted Golden Bean for his outstanding Åkesson’s 75% Criollo Cocoa Madagascar; Chika Watanabe was chosen as Best Newcomer […]

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AoC award winners announced

The Academy of Chocolate Awards, taking place for the seventh time, will be held on Thursday 23 April at Fortnum & Mason in London. This year’s awards attracted more than 500 entried. As a result more judges were involved in the jury panel and the judging, which took place at Westminster Kingsway College, and was […]

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