Cofresh launches new street food range

Cofresh launches new street food range

Cofresh has launched a range of street food inspired snacking mixes and bars.

The new Indian Street Food Mixes are available in four flavours: hot & spicy; sweet & fruity; aromatic & smoky; and sweet & salty, are suitable for vegans and come in 200g packs (RRP £1.29).

“All day snacking is fast pushing the custom of eating three square meals a day into the history books while at the same time, street food and its culinary diversity continues to revolutionise our eating habits and flavour expectations,” said Debbie King, director of commercial sales & marketing at Cofresh.

“Our traditional mixes have long been favourites in the snacks sector so we’ve taken the very best elements of those and brought them right up to date with a modern twist in terms of flavours and street food appeal.

“We’re confident they’ll appeal to consumers seeking just that little bit more from their snacks,” King continued. ”The flavours are punchy and each have their own characteristics; there’s chilli and ginger for those that like a hot and spicy sensation while our sweet & fruity mix with a hint of mango and banana will appeal to consumers seeking a milder flavour.”

As well as the sharing bags, two 35g Street Food bars (RRP 69p) have been created, based on the brand’s Bombay Mix, and come in two flavours – original and sweet & salty.

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