Danesita launch new products at ISM Cologne

Danesita launch new products at ISM Cologne

Bakery and biscuit brand Danesita have launched five new products at the ISM trade fair in Cologne.

Danesita have been making cookies, cakes, pies and other pastry products for more than 40 years and export to over 70 countries. Danesita operates across two factories in Portugal, with one in Coimbra and another in Lisbon. The company is one of the three largest producers of Butter Cookies with the Original Danish Recipe and the main producer of “Luxury Rusks” worldwide.

Since 2016, Danesita has had a butter cookie contract for Walmart, which has allowed the brand to span markets in the US, Canada, China, Japan, the UK and Brazil.

The new products which were presented at ISM were:

  • 4 ingredients– Crispy biscuits made with only four ingredients; no dyes, preservatives or flavourings. Danesita reduced 71% of plastic in the 4 ingredients packaging compared to earlier packaging in similar formats. The 4 ingredients packaging is made of FSC Card.
  • VITA ORGANIC – The first Organic/Biological range for Dan Cake Portugal to produce under the Danesita brand.
  • No Added Sugar– A range of mini cookies without added sugars. The three flavours include cocoa, chai and ginger and cereals and raspberries.
  • Thin & Crispy Butter Cookies– Thinner cookies that maintain the flavor and strength of the originals, complemented by a premium garment.
  • Shortbread– Danesita’s renowned recipe for Scottish cookies is now available in two formats: in a 500g can and in a paper box.

Administrator of Dan Cake Portugal SA, Mitesh Jamnadas, commented: “in 2020, we will launch products that respond to current trends in well-being and Clean Labels with transparent and original recipes. We intend to demonstrate Dan Cake Portugal’s industrial and innovative capacity.”

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  1. Patricia Hutson says:

    I would love to buy the biscuits that are in Cologne. Where do we buy them

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