Dodoni’s award-winning Feta and Halloumi Baked Cheese Thins stocked in WHSmith

The leading dairy company in Greece, Dodoni, has announced its Feta and Halloumi Baked Cheese Thins are available at WHSmith, following successful brand listings in the UK with Ocado and Marks & Spencer’s.

Dodoni Cheese Thins are baked with the finest Feta and Halloumi, with two thirds of every snack made from real, local Greek Feta PDO and Cypriot Halloumi PDO cheese. The snacks are baked rather than fried to capture the delicate flavours of the Mediterranean with all-natural ingredients.

Over 500 WHSmith outlets across the UK now stock Dodoni’s 22g grab and go packs for shoppers looking for a low calorie and gluten free snack made with natural ingredients at shopping centres, rail stations, airports, and highstreets around the country.

The three flavours available at the popular retailer will include:

  •  Feta, Tomato & Oregano – A twist on a classic Greek flavour fusion with a sunny pop of tomato, a herby hit of oregano and delicious creamy Feta with the taste of the Mediterranean.
  • Feta, Jalapeno and Chilli – Time to bring out the fiesta in Feta with a dose of Jalapeno heat and a zap of chilli giving a bright kick to the smooth Feta.
  • Halloumi and Caramelised Onion – Savoury with a sweet edge, the perfect mix of caramelised onion sweetness and strong Halloumi flavour.

For more than 60 years Dodoni and its range of cheese and dairy products have been legendary in Greece and Cyprus, and now the award-winning cheeses loved by so many, have been combined with vibrant and fresh flavours to create the perfect snack for all the family to enjoy.

Tom Seepers, a group CEO of Dodoni commented: “Our vision is for a snack-happy world where we savour and share together. That’s why the delicious details matter. From that first crunch to the unbeatable flavours and that got-to-have-another aftertaste, every bite is baked to heavenly perfection.”

WHSmith is the UK’s leading specialist multiple newsagent, a category covering books, greeting cards, stationery, newspapers, magazines, confectionery and more.

Dodoni has also announced their full Dodoni Cheese Thins range will be available via Cotswold Fayre, a speciality and fine food wholesale distributor, supplying independent retailers across the UK. The certified B Corp business represents more than 4000 products with a focus on new and exciting products that are changing the way we eat.

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