Unlimeat’s plant-based jerky returns to Amazon

Unlimeat, the innovative plant-based food company from Korea, announced the relaunch of its delicious and nutritious snacks on Amazon. This comes nearly a year after their beloved plant beef jerky product sold out.

Beef jerky is a popular snack in the US. The jerky industry is poised to reach a global market value of $6.5 billion by 2027, but it faces many challenges, including its utilization of processed beef and artificial coloring agents. In response to these concerns, numerous plant-based brands are introducing jerky crafted entirely from plant-based ingredients, such as mushrooms, fruit, and kelp. However, plant-based jerky often suffers in texture and flavor when compared to animal-based jerky. To overcome these issues, Unlimeat has developed a method using soy protein to deliver a taste and texture strikingly similar to traditional animal-based jerky.

Unlimeat’s jerky has a beefy flavor and meaty texture. It contains 31g of protein per bag, the same as real beef jerky, and has no trans-fat or cholesterol, making it nutritionally excellent. It is suitable for a variety of specialized diets, including low-carb and paleo diets. The all-natural coloring is achieved using beets and pomegranates, and contains no artificial seasonings, such as MSG. Thanks to these advantages, their plant-based beef jerky became highly popular in Korea immediately upon release. Early last year, the company’s US Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign reached its goal within 3 hours of launch, and it also successfully debuted on Amazon, attracting significant attention.

Unlimeat’s jerky has been released in the same two flavors as it was in its first launch: Korean BBQ and Smoky Chili. These days, Korean flavors like Korean BBQ and Gochujang are popular in the beef jerky market in the US. Unlimeat’s products differentiate themselves by using authentic Korean seasonings and recipes. Unlimeat’s spokesperson said, “We are thrilled to be back on Amazon with our upgraded gourmet jerky. We dedicated additional time to testing and developing a safer and healthier product. We hope that not only people on plant-based diets but also meat lovers can savor our Jerky.” Unlimeat jerky is now double packaged for added stability and is enclosed in an aluminum pouch to protect against sunlight and moisture. These products are priced at $28.99 per box of 6 packs, and you can take advantage of various discount promotions by visiting their website (www.unlimeat.co) and social media channels.

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