Haribo unveils Valentine’s range for 2024

Haribo has unveiled its highly anticipated Valentine’s Day product line up for 2024. The famous day of love is a key time of year for the confectionery industry, as consumers increasingly seek high-quality yet affordable treats to mark the occasion with – whether a sweet treat to enjoy, or small gift for someone special.

Tapping into seasonal spending habits, Haribo has released its Heart Throbs range across stores nationwide.

The launch demonstrates how the brand is driving innovation in the confectionery category by using its unique position and iconic sweet pieces to create a seasonally relevant product design at Valentine’s that is popular with consumers. Combined with its reliably fruity flavour, these aspects make Haribo a top choice for seasonal moments like Valentine’s Day.

This year is no different, with 69% of consumers looking for new products in the sweet aisle and being inspired to purchase them, Haribo’s eye catching Heart Throbs range will be sure to delight fans and encourage a sense of urgency to buy them, being on shelves for a limited time only across wholesale, convenience, grocery, discount, and high street stores.

The launch of the limited-edition range will also be amplified across earned, social, and owned media to fuel excitement and talkability.

Catherine Johnson, category strategy & shopper marketing controller at Haribo UK states: “The Haribo Heart Throbs range celebrates one of our most beloved sweet pieces and is a perfect fit for Valentine’s Day. Being a clear fan favourite, we knew we had to bring them back for 2024 to help people celebrate the season whether to treat friends, family, or someone special. We’re excited to see them back on shelves, but hurry; they’re available for a limited time only”.

Haribo Heart Throbs, available in 140g and 160g packs, £1.25***

What could be more typically Valentine’s than a pack of Haribo Heart Throbs? Containing the iconic heart-shaped fruit gum and foam sweet piece from Haribo Starmix, the juicy strawberry flavour combined with the cupid-worthy shape will send hearts racing.

Perfect for serving as a Valentine’s or Palentine’s party treat, or sharing with loved ones on a cosy night in. 

Heart Throbs Mini Dorothy Box – Special Edition 160g, £1.80***

Stepping it up a notch, the Haribo Heart Throbs Special Edition comes in an adorable mini Dorothy Box, making it the perfect thoughtful and affordable Valentine’s gift to all – friend, family member, or partner.

What’s more, Haribo Heart Throbs Special Edition contains heart-shaped gummies in a range of colours and flavours: strawberry, peach, lemon, apple and elderflower, raspberry, and blackcurrant, meaning there’s something in there for every sweetheart!

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