Little Moons Mochi go vegan

Little Moons are launching a new Great Taste Award winning vegan Belgian Chocolate mochi to Ocado and Selfridges as well as to distributors and delis nationwide.

Handmade in London, the treats are bite-sized balls of vegan Belgian chocolate ice cream wrapped in a layer of soft mochi and dusted in rich cocoa powder – reminiscent of a chilled Belgian truffle.

There are six other non-vegan flavours to choose from including Alphonso Mango, Uji Matcha, Sumatran Coconut and Madagascan Vanilla.

For the uninitiated, mochi is Japan’s most beloved dessert and has been enjoyed for thousands of years. It is traditionally eaten over New Year, where it is made in a ceremony called mochitsuki. Mochi is made from a naturally gluten-free rice flour dough, which is pounded and beaten until it reaches a distinctive soft and chewy texture. Little Moons have made the concept their own by creating bite-sized balls of gelato ice cream, chocolate ganache or cheesecake wrapped in a layer of soft and chewy mochi.

From 64 calories per ball, Little Moons mochi are gluten free, free from artificial flavourings, colours and preservatives and they are suitable for vegetarians, and now vegans, with the launch of Belgian Chocolate mochi.

Little Moons was set up in 2010 by siblings Vivien and Howard Wong, whose family has been making traditional mochi for the past 30 years for the Asian grocery market in the UK, and they made it their mission to bring Japan’s best-kept secret to the rest of the world with both familiar flavours and novel ones.

Little Moons now supply over 6 million mochi a year to restaurants across Europe and the Middle East. The small team launched their grocery range in August 2015 at Whole Foods Market and has since become their best-selling ice cream brand with special flavours (including Slow Roasted Hazelnut, Espresso and Salted Caramel) available from pick and mix freezers in each venue.

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