Lakrids by Bülow continues its mission to the world love liquorice with global campaign

On Friday 7 July, the world’s largest liquorice tasting will take place as Danish confectionery brand, Lakrids by Bülow, launches global campaign ‘We make the world taste liquorice’, which will see the distribution of 500,000 chocolate-coated liquorice samples. From the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen to London’s Battersea Power Station, liquorice will be offered across the globe to conquer Lakrids by Bülow’s ambitious mission to make the world love liquorice – one liquorice at a time.

Marking the brand’s 16 year anniversary, the campaign will take place across six locations including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Aiming to convert critics into lovers, Lakrids by Bülow is set to change opinions across the globe, encouraging the world to try its range of premium chocolate-coated liquorice confectionery unlike anything you’ve tasted before, all for free.

“The initiative is the largest liquorice tasting at Lakrids by Bülow to date and as far as we know, the largest in the world”, says Johan Bülow, the creative director and founder of Lakrids by Bülow. “We have always handed out samples, ever since we opened our doors for the first time on 7th July 2007 and later through our taste panel LAKRIDS LOVERS. Samples accelerate our mission to make the world love liquorice and are a fundamental part of our DNA. But we have never embarked on converting so many sceptics in one day, this must be the world’s largest liquorice tasting, so we are incredibly excited. Hopefully, half a million pieces of liquorice handed out will provide both liquorice lovers and sceptics with a gourmet liquorice experience beyond the ordinary.”

Liquorice lovers can take their sceptical friends to the Turbine Hall B on the ground floor of Battersea Power Station, where the Lakrids by Bülow staff will be handing out liquorice from 10am-5pm to try and convert them. At the same time, everyone in the world who shops online at on 7th July will receive a gift with their purchase until the 500,000 liquorice pieces are gone.

Lakrids by Bülow marked the 15th year anniversary on 7 July 2022 with the launch of its first 100% organic line, Slow Crafted. The collection was launched following a global campaign #ShareItWithAHater.

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